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Whether you want a full room enclosure or a screen enclosure, Midwest Sunrooms can build you a room you can enjoy throughout the year! Our expert team will talk you through the differences of the two types of enclosures to help you decide which sunroom is best for your needs.

room enclosures

Midwest Sunrooms uses the most modern building products to create energy-efficient, low-emission room enclosures that are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for your entire family. Keep the summer heat and bugs and winter cold out while welcoming all the benefits of the outdoors in your new room enclosure. 


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Room Enclosures


Screen Enclosures

Screen Enlosures

More affordable than room enclosures, screen enclosures can still protect your family from the elements and make your outdoor area a more comfortable and private place to spend time. Our team uses the most modern building products to custom design a screen enclosure that will meet all your needs. 

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