Patio Covers

want to get more use and enjoyment from your patio?

A patio is a wonderful place to spend time enjoying the outdoors. However, adverse weather conditions can limit your use. Let our experienced team fix the problem with a custom patio cover.

Patio Covers

Whether you want an insulated cover, a lattice cover, or a combo, you can rely on our experienced team to shield your patio from the elements. Make your outdoor area more enjoyable with a quality patio cover from Midwest Sunrooms!

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patio with patio cover and outdoor furniture
outdoor patio with lattice cover

Lattice Covers

Want to still enjoy the sun? Lattice covers allow some light in while providing the ideal amount of protection.

outdoor patio with insulated patio cover and patio furniture

Insulated Covers

Regulate temperature while protecting your family from the elements with an insulated patio cover from Midwest Sunrooms.

outdoor patio with roll-formed patio cover and patio furniture

Roll-Formed covers

These lightweight structure require less support and can extend or retract based on your daily covering needs.

outdoor patio with combination of lattice patio cover and insulated patio cover


Get the best of all worlds with a custom combination patio cover from the experienced team at Midwest Sunrooms.

carport cover with car underneath


Need to protect your car but don’t have room for more garage space? A carport from Midwest Sunrooms could be the perfect solution! Contact us today to learn more about our affordable, quality carports.

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